Best House Plants to Buy for Beginners

2020 has been the year of the house plant! As people are at home more due to the Coronavirus outbreak, so many have gained new hobbies such as gardening. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to have a nice garden outside. Thankfully, we've got a perfect answer with house plants. House plants are perfect for the indoors. Most are easy to take care of and add a beautiful aesthetic to any home decor. Continue reading to learn more about what house plants are perfect for beginners!

1. Red Tip Succulent



The Red Tip Succulent is a classic house plant. This plant is perfect for any corner of your room as well as any office. If you're looking to spice up your work place, definitely consider this succulent. The best part about succulents like this is that they're drought tolerant. You won't need to worry about constantly watering this plant as it'll need low light and semi-frequent watering. Use the tips of your finger to feel the dirt, if it's dry add water. Avoid overwatering as the roots can rot if there isn't any drainage!

Consider the Perle von Nurnberg as an alternative to this succulent. The color on it is just jaw-dropping! 

2. Zebra Plants

This plant is a variation of the aloe plant. If you're interested in an easy to take care of plant for beginners, definitely purchase this plant! The Zebra Plant is also another low-light plant. It won't need frequent watering due to also being another drought-tolerant succulent. The best part about it? The unique striping pattern. This pattern is perfect as a stand-alone or as an arrangement of plants.

3. Fuzzy Snow Ball Air Plant

Plants without dirt? That's the beauty of owning an Air Plant. These plants are perfect for any terrariums or small pots and tables. They add a nice hint of green (or fuzz) to your decor. Air Plants are not hard to take care of at all and are perfect for beginners! You'll need to mist these plants every other day with a spray bottle and soak them in water for a bit once per week. Make sure this plant dries! Rot is the number one enemy for air plants.

For plant and holiday cheer, take a look at our Air Plant Ornament Set. It's perfect as a gift for someone or a little treat to yourself. 

4. Tear-Drop Ivy Plant

The Tear-Drop Ivy is named for its Tear-Shaped leaves. The plant is perfect for a beginner as it also has similar features to succulents. If you're not a fan of succulents, this plant is perfect for you. It's drought-tolerable and thrives in the shade. You won't want this plant directly in the sun. As for drainage, make sure the plant doesn't drown. Treat it like a semi-succulent plant as it's just as easy to take care of.

5. Bunny Ear Cactus

The Bunny Ear Cactus really might be the perfect beginner plant. You won't need to worry about consistently watering the plant. You also won't need too much sun for the plant either. Water is the main enemy here though! Be sure to water the plant if the top is dry but make sure there's adequate drainage as the most common way to kill the cactus is by drowning it. 

When it comes to beginner plants, you'll find that house plants are the perfect choice for anyone. They serve as great decor items or introductory plants for anyone interested in having plant babies! Keep in mind that all plants differ in care, be sure to learn about the plant before purchase and pay attention to how much water you use! Any questions about plant care? Email us at for more info or visit our Education Page to learn more!

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