Growing Plants in LECA 101

What is LECA?

LECA stands for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate. LECA are small clay balls you can use to grow your plants in. They're essentially baked clay balls that when exposed to water, expand. The LECA balls are perfect for keeping your plant hydrated and can limit how much maintenance you need to do on your plants. LECA serves as a soil replacement but because LECA is literally clay, it won't contain any of the nutrients your plant gets from soil.


Honey Gray LECA Plants


Can you grow any plant in LECA?

Because LECA are clay balls, you can literally grow any plant you like in the LECA. We grow all of our baby plants in LECA in order to keep them semi-hydroponic and avoid any rot that may occur in soil. The LECA keeps your plants completely hydrated, eliminating the need for constant watering.


Growing Plants in LECA

What are the benefits of LECA?

LECA benefits are huge for new and experienced plant parents! Here are some top reasons for LECA propagation and why we use it!

1. Less watering

2. Eliminates any plant pests

3. Less chance of root rot


Less Watering

It's hard to keep up with plants! Each plant has it's own watering schedule. Some plants need constant care, whereas others like succulents need little to no water. You can't neglect and forget about any plants though because if you over-water or under-water, the results could be costly! LECA eliminates the need for constant watering. 

A huge benefit is being able to just pop in and check on your houseplants. No need to wonder if the plant has enough water as you'll be able to see if there is any water remaining.


Bye-bye fungus gnats!

Any plant person can vouch for the fact that pests are not only a huge annoyance but also detrimental to your plant. By eliminating soil, you won't need to worry about any pests because they won't have a place to make their home. Clay LECA serve as a great deterrent to plant pests, keeping your plant clean and healthy. 

Less Root Rot Chances

Having soil in your houseplant makes it extremely hard to see if the roots are healthy. LECA helps greatly by making your roots visible. The roots choose when they want to drink water and all you'll need to do is keep the LECA hydrated. The air pockets within the LECA balls also help prevent root rot.

Growing Plants in LECA


In conclusion, LECA is amazing when it comes to your plants. You won't need to worry about constant watering, your plant will become semi-hydroponic and water itself as needed, and you'll eliminate any worry for pests and root rot. These amazing clay balls need nothing but water and fertilizer to help your plant thrive! 


All Honey Gray plants are kept in LECA for these beneficial reasons. If your plant is purchased separately, it will ship in a clear pot and with LECA balls in order to keep it safe during shipping. The LECA will keep your plant watered during the shipping process and can be kept when it gets to your home. 

If you have any questions about LECA, our plants, or our products, please don't hesitate to email us at We'd be happy to help you with any questions or concerns!

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