Holiday Gift Guide for Plant People

Welcome to Honey Gray's first Holiday Gift Guide 2020! We'll be featuring our favorite gifts for the special plant person (or yourself). Interested in getting a gift before the Holidays? Make sure to have your order in by December 11th! 

1. Custom Photo Planter

Our best seller! This Custom Photo Planter is perfect for the pet lover or anyone looking to add a special touch to their plant pot. We can place any photo you'd like on the pot, making the possibilities endless! There's options for 4 photos as well as completing the gift with a Succulent! The planter is minimalist in nature, perfect for any room or desk. 

2. Limited Edition Ornament Air Plant

This ornament with air plant is perfect for your Holiday Tree! You'll get a clear ornament with holiday pinecones and an air plant. There's also different styles of Ornaments - feel free to go with what suits your tree best! Below are images of the variations you can choose from. These are perfect gifts for yourself and can spice up any Holiday Tree. Be sure to get yours soon, these are here for just the holidays!
One not enough? Get a set of Ornaments with Air Plants instead!

3. Mini Succulent Arrangement

Classic gift for anyone who loves plants! You'll be getting a small planter that's perfect for any room as well as an arrangement of mini succulents. The beauty of this gift is that it's super easy to take care of and perfect for anyone just getting started or a plant expert! 

4. Gift Box for Her

Plants and candles? Say no more! This box is perfect for that special someone in need of a little more green. You'll be getting a beautiful minimalist style planter in the box that is perfect for any room or windowsill. Bath Salts that are Honey Rose Scented are included in a reusable glass beaker as well as a lovely vanilla rose candle to complete the gift.  

5. Sunshine Pack

Can't decide on succulents or air plants? Go with both with our Sunshine Pack! This gift is perfect for someone who is either an expert or just starting out with plants as a hobby. You'll receive 3 unique succulents as well as 3 unique Air Plants. These plants are not only easy to take care of but serve as perfect additions to small pots or terrariums.

6. Starter Air Plant Set

This set is best served for someone wanting to start out with Air Plants. It includes 2 classic Air Plants as well as a beautiful rare "Golden Torch" Air Plant. If you're even a little interested in Air Plants, this gift set is perfect for you as an introduction to these little guys. 
Interested in more than 3? Get a full set of Air Plants with the Sunrise Pack! This pack includes 6 unique Air Plants that are sure to make your special plant lover happy.

7. Harrisii Air Plant on Wood

Fixtures are so popular when it comes to Air Plants! Air Plants work in pots but they're unique in nature, needing no soil to thrive. Placing your Air Plant on a Wood Fixture gives it a natural look, perfect for any terrariums or window sills. Be sure to give this plant moderate light and mist it every other day for it to thrive. 
As the holidays approach, please keep in mind that your order needs to be in by 12/11 in order to be delivered by Christmas!
Any gift at Honey Gray is perfect for plant lovers! If you have any questions please email us at 

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