Succulents and Why You Should Have Them

Succulents in planter

The Benefits of Owning Plants

Besides being nice to look at and have, plants are greatly beneficial for your health! Sure there are plants that can poison you, but the majority of plants are great for reducing stress, boosting your mood, cleaning the air around us, and producing oxygen! This is why we sell plants on our website, we want to spread the joy of owning and taking care of plants to everyone!

The pandemic gave almost everyone new hobbies, plants being a major one! Nurseries surged in sales, Google searches on how to take care of plants increased, and finding that one special plant home became really difficult. You can say that the pandemic helped us all become newfound plant-parents!

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In this article we'll be going over one of our favorite plants for beginners: Succulents ! They don't require as much maintenance as other plant types but that doesn't mean you can treat them like a cat! Care, love, and some sun is the perfect mix to keep your plant alive and thriving.


Instead of going over a particular succulent, we'll be covering the category of succulents. Succulent plants range from both small and large plants. They're as small as 6 inches and can get as large as 12 feet! They thrive in desert conditions, making it perfect for a new plant-parent. You'll need to water succulents but not quite as often as they excel in storing water. 

Species and Care

Succulents include really popular plants such as Aloe Vera, Mini-Cacti, hanging plants, and Echeveria (as pictured). With any succulent, make sure that there is proper drainage in your planter as you don't want the plant to drown.

As for light you can keep it somewhere where it gets a good amount of sun exposure, the plant can even thrive outside. Make sure to monitor it for any dark spots and rotate the plant for proper even exposure.

We hope that through this article you were able to learn about the Succulent plant and might consider it for your next plant baby! Knowledge is the make or break when it comes to owning a new plant.

Please make sure to research your new plant as sometimes these instructions can differ based on species. If you're looking for a low-maintenance plant for a new plant-parent, definitely check out succulent plants!

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