Personalized Planters - The Best Home For Your Plants

We're excited to announce our new personalized planters! We've found a way to make your planters even more unique for your home. Take a scene that you cherish and preserve it forever with a beautiful plant. Honey Gray offers many different styles of planters that suit engagements, pets, and even birthdays and special moments. Our planters were recently featured by Redfin as amazing housewarming gifts. 

Honey Gray Plant shop was made for plant people. We offer unique indoor planters for your plant babies that are customized, colorful, and minimalist in style. You're sure to find one that fits your personality! Our unique plants are a perfect addition to anywhere in your home, desk, or workspace. 

Photo Planters 


Like color? We definitely suggest our Photo Planters! These planters pictured above take a photo you cherish and place it on your pot. Pictures can be sent to us after purchase. They're definitely a great way to place photos around the house without needing to buy a frame! 


Personalized Line Art Planters

Minimalist Style Line Art Planter


Looking for a more minimalist approach? Our Custom Line Art Planters are the best fit for both personalization and style. Send us the photo but instead of a color picture, you'll receive a beautiful planter with minimalist style line art. The outlines are subtle giving the planter an artistic look.


If you know us, you know we love our kittens! This is our favorite line art planter. This one isn't as custom but is perfect for anyone who's a cat lover. Our Soulmate Planter is made for anyone into cats and plants - it's an amazing gift or something you can treat yourself to. 

Planter Care Tips

Please make sure to not overwater your plant. Usually, you can set a tray or coaster underneath the planter to make sure the water stays in there constantly feeding your plant. Drainage holes are fairly common but be sure to check the description to be safe!

Our concrete planters all come with a drainage hole. Concrete preserves water very well and is extremely durable. Be sure to keep the line art safe as scratches can ruin the paint. Line Art is beautiful but paint can chip with normal wear and tear. 

Honey Gray Online Plant Shop Benefits

Buying from Honey Gray means:

  1. Savings - Our plants are priced competitively and include planters. You won't need to worry about searching for that special home because each plant comes with one. You'll also buy unique plants online that are hard to find in stores!

  2. Fun - Gardening should be fun! You're sure to have a planter you can't buy in stores! Honey Gray's online plant shop also includes plant merch for plant people. Express yourself with our plants and accessories!

  3. Giving Back - Each plant sold means One Tree is planted! Our passion is the Earth, so it's only fitting that we give back for every item sold. 

Our online plant shop has no overhead cost! You receive all the savings when it comes to your new plant. Our plants are grown locally in Southern California, each hand-picked for quality. Honey Gray Plant Shop is here to change the way plant people shop for plants. Our goal is to not only give back but also help plant people buy plants that are unique, healthy, and affordable.