Plant Puns for Plant People

Like you, we know how it feels to find that perfect plant and be completely stumped when it comes to the planter. Eventually when you find that perfect planter it usually doesn't fit your plant or is just priced extremely high. How many times have you just settled for your planter thinking your plant will just grow into it? 

We've created something that will help take the headache out of plant shopping. Honey Gray aims to change the way you shop for plants, making sure you get a beautiful plant and planter at a reasonable price. Punny planters are a perfect addition to anywhere in your home, desk, or workspace. 

Our plant shop was created for plant people. We offer many different varieties of unique plants ranging from mini-monstera plants to the dependable and hardy succulent. When it comes to plants, Honey Gray offers not only a wide variety but guarantees health. 

We get it, buying a plant online isn't for everyone. That's why we make sure all plants go out healthy, packaged safely, and even take precautions such as not shipping over a weekend (we don't want the plant sitting around on a hot Sunday). If you run into any issues with the health of your plant, we'll ship you a new one free of charge. 

Honey Gray Online Plant Shop with Punny Planters

Buying from Honey Gray means:

  1. Savings - Our plants are priced competitively and include planters. You won't need to worry about searching for that special home because each plant comes with one.

  2. Fun - Gardening should be fun! Our planters are made to put a smile on you or a guest's face. You're sure to have a planter you can't buy in stores!

  3. Giving Back - Each plant sold means One Tree is planted! Our passion is the Earth, so it's only fitting that we give back for every item sold. 

Plant Puns are funny sayings for plant people! We've taken best-selling planters and added a plant pun that will definitely put a smile on your face. These planters are great for gifts or even as gifts for yourself. Our plant puns are extremely durable and won't peel or fade in time. The plant puns are waterproof and permanent, once they're on you can't remove it without damaging the planter. 

 Punny plant by Honey Gray Plant Shop. Bunny ear cactus plant with planter and plant pun

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