Succulent Care Guide

Succulents are amazing plants for anyone interested in diving into the plant world. They're minimal, easy to take care of, and look good in any room! We offer succulents to complete our concrete planters. Although each succulent may differ a bit in care, most succulents abide by the same care rules. Read on to learn more about how to care for your new succulent!

1. Succulents like sunlight

Plants love the sun so it's no surprise succulents do too! Make sure your succulent gets about 6 hours of sunlight. Some succulents are able to withstand scorching heat outside! If you notice your plant starts leaning, rotate the plant to make sure it gets even sunlight.

2. Don't Overwater

You can't drown your succulent but you need to water according to the season. During the summer for example, your succulent will need more water than during the winter. Test the soil with your finger, if it's dry at the top, add water!

3. Use Cactus Soil

Regular soil won't do for your succulents. Preferably choose cactus soil for the best care. If you don't have cactus soil, mix regular potting soil with sand.

4. Drain the Water

If you notice bugs, it's most likely due to overwatering. Drainage holes are optional in our pots, be sure to let us know if you'd like one! As for pots without drainage holes, make sure to use less water.

5. Fertilize

Fertilizer is completely optional but can help your succulent. Overfertilization can damage your succulent so use it sparingly! The best time to fertilize is during Spring and Summer.


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