Buying a plant from Honey Gray plant shop means you get:

  • Soil Free Baby Plants (semi-hydroponic)
  • Unique Baby Plants in Custom Planters or Plastic Free Pots
  • Healthy Houseplants backed by a 30 Day Guarantee
  • Fast Shipping and One Tree Planted for Every Purchase

You can't find these unique planters at a typical nursery or plant shop! Our planters are designed with minimalist style in mind. You'll have a brand new unique baby plant for your windowsill or office space adding green to your space. There's no better decoration than a small houseplant! Houseplants provide better air quality, a nicer environment to look at, improve stress and mood, and improve focus. These claims are backed by science! Be sure to add houseplants to any space where you work or relax in order to get these amazing effects. 


  • Plants ship in pictured planter pot or glass planter
  • All of our plants are soil free. They are grown and shipped in LECA which is a semi-hydroponic method to grow plants. To learn more about the benefits of LECA check out our blog here
  • We are commitment to providing the healthiest, happiest plants. Our houseplants are covered by a 15 day guarantee. If you have any issues, please follow up with us for a replacement plant.
  • Each plant we source is unique therefore, the plant you receive may be taller, longer or shorter than the one pictured. We'll try our best to give you a houseplant as close to the image as possible. Each unique plant has its own charm and appeal.
  • We appreciate your patience while we hand-pick the best plant for you. Our plants ship within 5-7 business days (Monday - Wednesday). We do not ship plants after Wednesday in order to avoid the plants going bad at the post office.

Honey Gray Plant Shop is here to provide the best service possible. Our mission is to give plant enthusiasts a place to not only get their favorite plants, but also a unique planter for their houseplant. If you run into any issues with your purchase, please email us at We appreciate your consideration and can't wait to help you decorate your home and office with our houseplants!